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Yaw-Yan, also called Sayaw ng Kamatayan or “Dance of Death”[1] is a Filipino martial art developed by Napoleon Fernandez. It is a form of kickboxing and resembles Muay Thai but differs in the hip-torquing motion as well as the downward-cutting nature of its kicks, Yaw-yan also differs from Muay Thai because its practitioners can deliver their attacks from long range.

Yaw-yan practitioners participate in various Filipino mixed-martial arts tournaments such as the Universal Reality Combat Championship[2] and Fearless Fighting.[3][4]

The originator of Yaw-Yan is Napoleon A. Fernandez,[5] a native of Quezon province. The word Yaw-Yan was derived from the last two syllables of Sayaw ng Kamatayan meaning “Dance of Death”. It reflected the growing popularity of kickboxing (and later, Mixed Martial Arts) in the Philippines and the world. The style includes elements of striking, takedowns, grappling, arnis stick and knife fighting, and additional kickboxing material.

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